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About DeWS-Philippines

About DeWS-Philippines

Please be advised that the DeWS-Philippines will be up and running until the end of February 2019. All content updates will be done on the Enhanced OpenSTAT website which can be accessed effective November 16, 2018 through


The development of the Interactive Database on Philippine Decent Work Indicators or the Decent Work Statistics-Philippines (DeWS-Philippines) was one of the components of the ILO/EC Project on Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work (MAP) with funding from the European Union. The database development used the PC-Axis family of software of Statistics Sweden.

Decent Work Statistics-Philippines (DeWS-Philippines) contains data from 1995 to the latest available from the source agencies at the time of compilation. The data up to 2010 are contained in the ILO publication “Philippines Decent Work Country Profile” released in October 2012 by the International Labor Office.  It should be noted though, that some of the statistics in this ILO publication have been revised with the availability of more recent data or updates, e.g. GDP per capita in PPP, poverty indicators, working poverty rate, inflation rate (with 2006 as base year) and consequently all data related to real wages.  There have been changes too in administrative data on social security, among others.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is the main source of the statistics particularly its Labor Force Survey, other PSA Surveys (Integrated Survey on  Labor and Employment, Family Income and Expenditures Survey, Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey) and other information from the National Accounts.  Other data came from the Department of Labor and Employment (Bureau of Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Relations), National Wages and Productivity Commission, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, National Conciliation and Mediation Board, Department of Health-Epidemiology Bureau, Social Security System, Government Service Insurance System, and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.  The World Development Indicators of the World Bank is the source of data on GDP per capita in PPP.

DeWS-Philippines will be updated annually by PSA in terms of statistics or statistical indicators as new measurements are developed.  As a one-stop portal for decent work statistics, it is envisioned to widen the awareness of decent work among policymakers (including those outside the labor sphere), unions and employers, and researchers, and more importantly to facilitate effective monitoring and assessment of progress toward decent work in the country.



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